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Packages from £250

📸🌟 Unleash the Marvel of the LCD iPad Selfie Booth! 🌟📱

🎉 Elevate Your Event with Unforgettable Fun! 🎉

 Step into a New Era of Event Entertainment! Introducing the extraordinary LCD iPad Selfie Booth, designed to redefine how you capture memories and engage with your guests. 

🔆 Mesmerising Ring Light: Illuminate Your Selfies! With over 50 built-in LEDs, our wireless remote-controlled ring light ensures you shine like a star

💕 Cherished Memories: Preserving the Moments that Matter! Guests can capture pictures and videos,🎊📔

📲 Instant Sharing: Snap, Share, Relish! Guests can instantly transfer their captures to devices through WhatsApp, AirDrop, or QR code scan. Share the magic with friends and family! 📲✨

🎈3-Hour Showcase: Red Carpet, Barriers, and Ambience Lighting – We've curated an enchanting setup that'll leave your guests awestruck!

📆 Secure Your Spot Now! Craft Memories to Last a Lifetime! 📆

📧 Contact us below to book your LCD iPad Selfie Booth for an unrivalled experience at your event. Your guests will be delighted, and you'll cherish these moments forever! 📧🎟️


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